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Are you a lover of comics? Do you enjoy anything comical, from books to stand up comedy? A little humor is crucial in one’s life.

You need to have something that connects with your emotional being to have a fulfilled lifestyle.

This blog is designed to bring to your attention comic convention that displays anything to do with comedy.

We have events spread across the year and the globe to ensure everyone gets the feeling of what it entails to attend a comic conference.

In Marble city, we are the brand in comic event planning. We focus all our energy on ensuring you have the best talent on board as our guest speakers and facilitators.

We also encourage upcoming comedians to display their talent and skill to benefit their personal growth.


Marble city comic convention started way back in 2015; we were invited for a stand-up comedy show.

It reached a point that we noticed that we had a lot of time and were doing things the same way.

That was the drive to start this convention specifically to equip comedians with new and trending ways for doing things to keep an audience entertained all day or night long.

We further learned that it’s not all about comedy but also to include things like cosplay and gaming consoles, which still entertainment and make people crack their ribs.

We hold annual conventions and subsequent functions. We had different things based on reviews from participants and exhibitors.

In our conventions, you have unlimited options on what to choose to do or watch.

The gaming experience

Is there a comedy without games?

We appreciate and embrace technology in our methodology, and that explains why you can’t miss numerous gaming platforms of different digital technologies at our conventions.

Walk to any of the booths and appreciate the talent and technological advancement we have on gaming consoles.

You can choose to play on a PS system or download apps and play the game with a fellow participant either offline or online.

This is a one-stop option for a family outing. Everyone- age diversity –is catered for in the event.

Different vendors and booths

The different vendors and booths have something unique for the participants. That explains why we are categorical regarding the choice of exhibitors to embrace diversity.

We want you to have a memorable experience and always look forward to the next convention to get new things in the market.

We also have subsidized the cost of services and products as a thank you for being a loyal participant.

Call it a one-stop-shop for all comedy services and related goods. We have a pre-trial conference where all exhibitors get a brief of what is expected from their respective booths.

Avoid Potential Risks At The Comicon

While heading to your favorite Comicon event, make sure that you are taking all the necessary precautions to protect your identity and personal information.

Identity Guard, a leading provider of identity protection services, offers reliable and comprehensive security solutions for those looking for an extra layer of protection. Look at how Identity Guard can help keep you safe during the event. Watch the full identity guard review on youtube.

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