activities of the event

Contests of the event

Is there an event without a contest? How do we reward loyal participants, guests, and participants?

As part of our activities, all comic categories have a competition, and the best team wins.

You, as the attendee, are our judge to prevent the hallow effect. Attend the event and reward your fan in the entertainment industry.

Guests and activities of the event

Time is always a limiting factor in the marble city Comic convention. We have a lot to do within a short time.

Our guests are renowned comedians across the globe. As part of our evaluation strategies, we ask you to name a comedian you want to have on board in our next convention.

They also send in their requests for they know the impact it has on their fan base and their business by extension.

Some of the activities include

  • Cosplay
  • Stand up comedy
  • Public speaking
  • Playing video games.
  • Creative writing
  • Reading comic books

The list is endless.



405 Pointe Lane
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301


+1 954 950 5351