About Us

About the founder

My name is Susan Johnson, the founder of the Marble City Comicon Convention. I act as an event planner and understand the power of emotional fulfillment in human beings. With my counseling psychology knowledge, it’s my duty to ensure everyone has a whole lifestyle. We want to change the entertainment industry. We want you to understand the power and value of comic education in children and adults in equal measure. The stresses and the challenges of life are not all to be solved, but you can know how to manage based on what you feed your mind. We give you the best and organized convention to suit your emotional and psychological needs.

We want to change the dynamics in the comic industry. We are preaching inclusivity and the use of modern and digital technology to have professional, organized, and focused comic events.

Visit any of our conventions and have a touch of professionalism and wisdom-inclusion in comedy. We are not saying what is available in the market isn’t worth your time, no. We are giving you comprehensive information on what to expect in a comic environment. If you are focused on one aspect, we are here to broaden your mind and look at comedy from a broader and deeper perspective.




405 Pointe Lane
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301


+1 954 950 5351